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We’re Insured & Licensed

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Living in a home where you know rats or mice (or worse, both) have been running amok in the middle of the night isn’t a nice thing to wake up to. Usually with the onset of colder weather or large deposits of rain we see an uptake of rodents making their way into the homes of our Brisbane customers.

Here’s some telltale signs you’ve got rats or mice in your home:-

  • Droppings on the floors (they look like little brown tic tacs)
  • A strong odour of urine
  • Holes and gnaw marks in food packets or fruit
  • Rub marks against walls and corners where they are running at night
  • Scratching and rubbing noises inside the walls or in your ceiling
  • You may also notice your cat or dog behaving unusually (sniffing or barking at walls, under cupboards, fridges, etc)

We can treat and help get rid of a wide range of rodents – from your average field mouse and rats through to rat or mice infestations in sheds, wood piles and other areas around your home. To deal with your rodent problem call us today on (07) 3882 5351.