Other Pest We Treat

Abolish Termite & Pest Management treats a variety of different Pests in Brisbane, The Gold Coast and The Sunshine Coast.

We offer:

  • Free on-site evaluation
  • 12-month warranty for cockroaches, silverfish, spiders and ants (internally)
  • Domestic and commercial pest management
  • Treatment and prevention programs for common household pests – includes termite control and prevention, rodent control and many more

Whether you’re experiencing a ‘bug emergency’ and require immediate assistance, or simply want to protect your home (and wallet) from termite infestation, Abolish Termite & Pest Management has the experience and knowledge you need.

Our Treatment and Prevention Services

House Mice

Rodent Control

Rats and house mice can live under a variety of conditions, thriving in homes and commercial structures just as well as in open fields and agricultural lands. This survival instinct can make them difficult to remove, especially if they’ve already settled and infested your property. But rest assured that we can get rid of any rodent for you, no matter how bad the infestation may be. Our rodent control services include rat control, mouse control and vermin control, giving you effective treatment options for whatever rodent issue you’re facing.

A Bed Bug

Bed Bug Treatment

Bed bugs are parasitic insects that are often difficult to spot and eliminate, especially if you attempt it without professional help. Because they’re small and flat, bed bugs can lurk in tiny nooks and crevices in your beds, mattresses, bags or even walls and floors. Common signs of bed bug infestations include bed bug bites and having dark stains or blood spots on your sheets or mattresses (bed bugs feed on the blood of hosts). If you suspect you have a bed bug issue, we can check your property and implement the right bed bug treatment to remove them.

An Ant

Ant Control

Ants are notoriously difficult to eliminate from a property, and most homeowners will find ants coming back no matter how many they’ve killed before. But you can count on our professional ant control services to take care these issues for you. We focus our ant control programs on dealing with the entire colony of ants on your property and not just the ones that you can see on your floors or walls. This means a more effective treatment program that can keep ants away for good.

Australian Cockroach

Cockroach Control

Cockroaches are more than just pesky crawlers that pop out when you least expect it. They’re also potential carriers of diseases, which makes them possible health risks to your family. If you think you have a cockroach infestation in your home, then our cockroach control program can help. We’ll implement a cockroach control program that will target the root of the problem, starting with the removal of any cockroach nests and fixing any issues that promote their spreading.

Wasp Control

Wasps will attack and sting humans, particularly if threatened, so care should be taken when dealing with them and their nests. They’re also known to be stubborn pests, building nests in the same areas even after you’ve destroyed them. With our wasp control program, you can ensure that wasps will stay away and avoid nesting again in your property. If you spot any wasp nests in your property, give us a call and we’ll help you deal with it in the best and safest way possible.

A Spider

Spider Control

Although many house spiders are relatively harmless and don’t pose much of a threat to you or your family, some spiders can be problematic. If you’d like to remove pesky spiders in your home, our spider control treatments will help get rid of them for you. We’ll assess your spider issues and apply the most appropriate solutions.

A Tick

Tick Control

Ticks are more than just annoying pests – they can also be dangerous parasites to domestic animals in tropical and subtropical countries. Our warm Queensland climate makes many tick species flourish, so you need to address any tick issues as soon as possible. We’ll apply the most appropriate tick control solutions to your property so that you and your pets won’t have to worry about becoming hosts for these parasitic insects.

close Up of a Flea

Flea Control

Fleas are parasitic, wingless insects that are agile and usually dark coloured. These creatures have tube-like mouth-parts that they use to feed on the blood of their hosts. Although they’re commonly found in house pets like cats and dogs, they can also pose a variety of issues to humans, especially those who come into contact with infected pets. Our flea control program will treat any flea outbreak in your home and prevent it from getting worse.

Treatment for Every Kind of Pest

Whatever household pest you may be dealing with, you can count on us to remove them for you and prevent them from coming back. We have solutions for all common household pests as well as those that are unique to specific environments.

Get a free quote or estimate for your property by calling (07) 3882 5351. If you have any other questions about our treatment programs, please send a message to info@abolishpest.com.au.