$2 Million Termidor Assurance Warranty

Termidor – 10 Years of Trust and Innovation

Termidor has been at the forefront of termite control in Australia for more than 10 years. This revolutionary product has been used to treat 200,000 Australian homes to date without a single failure and also been successfully used on more than 4 million buildings in the USA. One of the major contributors to the success of Termidor is its unique Transfer Effect™, which allows affected termites to transfer Termidor to others via contact, grooming or exchange of food, thus infecting termites that have not even been near the Termidor-treated zone. This assurance that the product performs is why Termidor has the confidence to offer home owners Australia’s most up to date and comprehensive termite warranty.

At Abolish Termite and Pest Management, our customers who receive our termite treatments and barriers are also covered by the Termidor $2 Million Warranty.

We are accredited applicators of the Termidor treatment and use their advanced technology in our services. Their products are supported by BASF – a world leading chemical supply company that is at the forefront of innovation in the pest control industry. Their confidence in the products that they offer allow them to provide a $2 million structural warranty that we are pleased to pass on to you as end receivers of the Termidor product.

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The Termidor Assurance Warranty Benefits

  • Total peace of mind
  • Covers structural damage up to $2 million
  • Termite protection that isn’t covered by regular home insurance
  • 10 Years of trust: leading industry innovation and performance
  • Ensures your Termidor application is authentic and not a generic copy
  • Regular inspections carried out by a trained, professional Accredited Termidor Applicator
  • Warranty certificate issued with each treatment*
  • Supported by BASF – the world’s leading chemical company

*Terms and conditions apply, visit www.termidor.com.au/warranty/terms for more information.

Warranty facts

Limit of Warranty

The Termidor treatment MUST be applied by a Termidor Accredited Applicator (Pest Control Operator). The property owner will be supplied with a copy of the Certificate of Termiticide Application and Termidor Assurance Warranty Certificate.


Inspections during warranty

Annual inspections are mandatory and MUST be performed by a licensed and insured Accredited Termidor Applicator.


Warranty Period

Following each annual inspection the warranty can be extended for another 12 months – upon satisfaction that ALL recommendations from inspection reports have been implemented.


Warranty Coverage

Warranty covers termite damage ONLY – and ONLY when the Termidor application has been applied correctly.


The warranty is ONLY applicable when the homeowner carries out their responsibilities in the timber pest inspection report. (see Terms – Warranty Exclusions).


**Warranty MUST be submitted and approved via the online submission form.

Would You Like to Know More?

If you would like to know more about the services that we offer that are covered by the Termidor warranty, please get in touch with us today. To find out more about the Termidor product you can visit the official Termidor website.